Good excursions and tips

If you come by your own car or if you hire a car( e.g. at the airport) the possibilities for getting around become larger. There will be buses from Limone to Riva del Garda, Verona and Salo, and to Desezano at the southern end of the lake where you can take the train to Venice and Milan.
Train departure times:

There are also regular ferries sailing on Lake Garda, so you can always get a boat trip to Malcesine, Riva, Gardone, Garda, Bardolino and all the other towns along the lake. It is a very beautiful approach to visit the villages by boat. The Gardesana road around the lake was not built yet and using the boats was the only way of transport for the residents at the northern end of the lake up to the 1950īs. Timetable for the boat and ferries:

Another must is a trip up the cable car to Monte Baldo Mountains. You get up in the fresh mountain air at 2000 m altitude within a quarter of an hour and get rewarded by an absolutely marvelous view over the southern Dolomites and Lake Garda in its entire glory. Monte Baldo is a nature reserve with a unique flora and fauna with particular several wild orchid'arter. It is strictly forbidden to pluck even the slightest straw. It is the countless cows, however, quite indifferent to, they go in large flocks with their bells, and munches and contributes to the atmosphere until it comes time for them to search for stables and milking.
See a beautiful panoramafilmhere:

If you holiday with your family and children or if you preserved yourself a childish nature and soul a visit to Gardaland ishighly recommended. In summer the fun park is open until midnight, and it can actually be nice to see Gardaland in the evening light, for there it can be very hot I n high summer during the day. But it is a great experience for all the family. It's probably the closest Italy can get to Euro Disneyland! See here more details for Gardaland:
An alternative to Gardalan may be Caneva World, Lake Garda, water park, one of Italy's largest. Information see here: Movieland (Canevaworld)

If you are the "wild" nature, it's a good idea to visit the waterfall of Varone just outside of Riva, approximately .20 km from Limone. You enter the caves in the rocks below the falls and it getīs perhaps a little wet, so remember rain clothing.
Look at the beautiful pictures here:

Or how about seeing Madonna della Corona? A pilgrimage church which hangs over the Adige valley on the other side of Monte Baldo. You need go via Garda, Caprino and then up the valley until you end up in Spiazzi. The trip is approx. 70 km from Limone, and it's all worth it. See the pictures yourself. The site is unfortunately only in Italian, but you can even search by the name, there are many pages in English and German, but none with such great photos:

When you still have come so far, it is tempting to take the rest of the trip around the Monte Baldo, a trip that brings us up to 1600 m altitude in hairpin bends with breathtaking views over the valley and the southern Dolomites. A walk around covers about 200 km in total.

Do you want to pamper yourself, there is also Lake Gardaīs thermal sources. An absolute highlight may be a visit to Cola 'in the beautiful surroundings where you can bathe in the hot spring water and let the skin massage while enjoying the view. See the link here:

Another must is a visit to the lemon growing museum in Limone.Locals call it the Limonaia del Castel, especially in the blue hour it has an incredible view over the old roof tops of Limonewith Lake Garda in the background. There are no photos just Limone's home page.
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