Travelling by car

If you travel by car, be informed, what to do, if the unlikely event of an accident or incident occurs. Please read on to find some advice about Italian traffic rules and regulations.

Remember: The fluorescent vest in the picture below is MANDATORY in Italy. It must be found inside the car, for example. in the glove box, make sure that is not in the boot, buried by your luggage. You must put it on BEFORE getting out of the car in case of engine failure or accident, or if you get out of the car while queuing. If you are stopped by police and the vest is not in the car, you will be fined. The vest can be purchased at all service stations.
Remember the red card before departure, it's free when you have comprehensive insurance.

Always call to SOS
Coming out of an accident with your car, motorcycle abroad, you should always call the SOS first - to listen, how to behave. Even though the car may only have liability insurance. Calls are cheap and easy - SOS reimburse all telephone charges - from a packed mobile phone. It is therefore a good idea to encode SOS number +45 70 10 50 50 in the phone memory. before the holiday trip.

Accidents without comprehensive insurance
If you do not have comprehensive insurance, but have a roadside assistance scheme via one of the following, please contact the following telephone numbers: Tophjælp: (+45) 38 48 89 82 Danish Smart: (+45) 70 10 80 90 FDM foreign aid: (+45 ) 45 88 00 25 Falck: (+45) 79 42 42 42Tophjælp: (+45) 38 48 89 82
Be aware that you can not get the car shipped back to Denmark, if you do not have comprehensive insurance, without even paying.

Calls from emergency
If you stand on the highway, you should always use the telephone line to summon help. It becomes more and more common that authorities contract out rescue work on the highways. You need not worry about language problems. As soon as you lift the receiver and said something that recorded the call and will be sent using out.
When you call home, re.damage so remember to always give accurate damage location, brand and car type and cause of injury.

If you are involved in a traffic accident
Then write down all details:
Get the name and address of the accident partner, date and place. Get the registration number of the counterparty's car & insurance company and policy number. Get a police report or obtain a copy of it. You may not automatically take the blame for the accident.

The public health insurance covers holidays abroad / Europe for up to one month. So always remember to show your insurance card upon contact with a doctor, hospital, etc.. Contact any. European Travel Insurance at (+45) 33 25 25 25

Theft from and of the car
Always contact the local police first and then dial - to SOS International. If the car does not have comprehensive insurance, there is no theft coverage. In case of theft you should always try to get a theft notification in a language you understand.

Violation of Road Traffic Act
Are you accused of having violated traffic laws, you must be prepared to pay the fine here and then.
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